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Support Groups
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About Our Support Groups

Dating Violence can leave profound and long-lasting effects on survivors' lives. Social support plays a major role in helping young people end violent relationships. PADVC support groups provide an opportunity for young survivors to come together to share their experiences with dating violence and offer emotional support to their peers who are going through the same or similar experience.

Young people will meet in a safe, and convenient location to share their stories, provide encouragement, and learn coping strategies to heal from violent relationships. Each group is facilitated by one of our trained dating violence advocates to help guide the conversation, help young people understand their dating violence experience, provide strategies to heal from dating violence and helpful tips on building future relationships that are free of dating violence. Support groups are available for middle school and high school survivors of dating violence. Each group is 60 minutes in length and are conducted on a weekly basis.

Are you in need of a support group? Do you know a loved one in need of a support group? Contact our Peer Support Specialist for more information 412-219-9425. 

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