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What Does an Unhealthy Relationship Look Like?

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Relationships exist on a spectrum from healthy to abusive with unhealthy falling somewhere in the middle. An unhealthy relationship doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is abusive, but these behaviors can become abusive overtime. Mostly everyone exhibits unhealthy relationship behaviors but it's important to be able identify these behaviors and correct them before they escalate. Every relationship has its ups and down, it's not uncommon to have disagreements or arguments with your partner. However, in an unhealthy relationship, arguments doesn't lead to violence and neither of you are fearful of the other. 

Your partner gives you the silent treatment. You're unable to talk about problems without fighting.

Your partner puts you down. They make you feel guilty or overstep boundaries.

Your partner constantly lies to you and withhold hurtful things from you.

Spending time away from your family friends and no longer doing things that you enjoy to spend time with your partner.

Your partner doesn't believe the things you tell them/they second guess everything you say.

Everything must always go their way. Their needs and opinions are more important than yours.

Pressure: Your partner pressures you into having sex or into sending them explicit photos or videos. You feel pressured by your partner to use alcohol or drugs.
Irresponsible: You don't discuss the consequences that come from having unsafe sex.
Avoidance: You avoid conflicts in order to protect the relationship against escalation.
Co-Dependency: You depend on your partner for happiness/validation. You have no personal interests or goals outside of the relationship.

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